More Delicate Things – 2017

Featuring work by Tabitha Arnold, Meg Wolensky, Madison Carroll,
Brittany De Nigris, Anna Nelson, Anna Shepperson, Lauren Valley,
Claire Gustavson, and Lora Mathis


More Delicate Things showcases works
by female and non-binary artists that range from the
heartbreakingly sincere to the absurd. The show includes
traditionally female forms of artistic labor, such as weaving
and sewing (fun fact: did you know Claus Oldenburg’s wife
sewed his soft sculptures?), as well as clay, photo, video, and
PowerPoint. While the mediums differ, we as artists are
united in that its really fucking hard out here as femmes to
get our labor – artistic or otherwise – recognized and valued.
The works shown in “More Delicate Things” are at once
vulnerable and unapologetic. They reveal the soft underbelly
of feminism in the 21st century, a return to intimacy, nudity,
softness, pain, and tears as poetic tactics in a fight for recognition,
respect, and survival.


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